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Ideas for a Realtor Website

Following are some of the things a Realtor should consider having on their website:

Home Page

This is where you communicate precisely who you are, what you stand for and how you’re different, so clients can know instantly if your type of services is suited for them.

Who You Work With Page
This page is for those who think they need your services, but aren’t sure. It describes in problem based scenarios, which Realtors relate to best.

How You Work Page
This page tells buyers and sellers what it might be like to work with you. Here you can educate them about your guiding beliefs and values, you can describe the type of results they can expect, or you can describe your uniqueness. It is alos a good please to demonstrate your marketing plan.

Case Studies Page

If you want to cement their perception of you as an expert, back up your claims with actual client case studies.

Testimonials Page
Although these don’t replace case studies, it can demonstrate that others were happy using your services.

Articles Page
The mark of an expert is that they’ve written something on their subject matter. Articles published by you demonstrate your expertise.

About You Page
It’s the equivalent of your resume, but includes a personal connection.

About Your Team Page
Here you introduce your internal team. Clients may not know how many hands are involved in each transaction. You can add to their comfort and show that there’s more to your team than just you.

Contact Us Page
This is where you tell propsects and even other Realtors how to contact you and how you begin working with clients they refer to you.

Links and Resources

Add links to popular attractions and real estate related websites.

A blog updated on a regular basis acts like a magnet to search engines.