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New Ubertor Website - Streetcards - a Postcard Advertising Company
Reaching people where they meet, eat, congregate and shop is a challenge when using traditional forms of advertising like newspapers, transit, radio and TV.

Click on the image to go to the Streetcards website.

Streetcards Website

Streetcards is the perfect solution to advertise in coffee shops, theatres, restaurants, night clubs and other social venues. And colourful, provocative postcards are the perfect medium for your message.

We can help you do this by using our Postcard Display Rack System. Our racks are located throughout the city in places where YOUR target markets relax, socialize, and network.

Your marketing message is put into the hands of your consumers where they can take your Postcard home and refer back to it later. This means that you'll be marketing in THEIR environment 24/7 and not in the recycling bag, where most direct mail ends up.