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New Website - inboxfx

inbox fx is customized email stationary. We like to describe the inboxFX solution as “in-flight" branding as the template is added to your email after you have hit the Send button and before it arrives at the recipient’s email inbox.

Knowing that the average consumer is going to spend only about five to eight seconds viewing your email, and less than 50 percent will scroll below the fold, you have to design email messages that give the user a quick and clear idea of who you are and what your message offers, by:

  • Having your logo/company name right at the top of the message
  • Having a clear headline that delivers the main message of the email
  • Including a subhead line with a strong call to action
  • Showing a dominant single image that best illustrates your message, and use a caption
  • Offering above-the-fold jump links to benefits and other content
  • Encouraging a direct response with a button seeking some type of action (buy now, learn more, register now)

Click on the image to read more about inbox fx.