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Website Makeover and SEO for Blog Aviano

We recently completed phase 1 of a website makeover for This website is the most detailed and informative resource for a community in Phoenix called Aviano.

The key changes were changing links to pdfs, floorplans and videos into images to make the website more interesting. We also add a 3rd and 4th level of menus to better organize the website which was bursting at the seams just using two levels of menus.

BlogAviano is one of the only websites that opens up on the blog page and Doug Ingersoll the Realtor updates it almost every day which makes it so effective with search engines. To tidy up the page we justified the pictures to the left and right so the text was beside the picture. This allows more information to be displayed on the page. We also updated all of the blog post titles so they were more relevant and matched the typical search phrases.

Thanks to Doug and Kathy Ingersoll for choosing us to work with them as they have been the best client you can ask for.