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Ubertor Template Colors

November 19th, 2008
Have you ever wanted to see all of the Ubertor template colors in one place.  Now you can by visiting my new pages under Website Features.  For example to see all of the templates with a blue tone click here.

Ubertor Stock Banners

November 18th, 2008
I just updated my website with a new page that has images of all of the Ubertor stock banners.  The availability od stock banners is part what make the Ubertor system so user-friendly. 

Check out the new page for stock banners by clicking here.

Most Popular Web Browser

November 15th, 2008

Microsoft remains the most widely used web browser so make sure you test your website in IE!

Some version of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer - 82.4% (down from 95% only five years prior)
Mozilla Firefox - 11.4%
Apple’s Safari - 3.9%
Other - 2.2% (Opera, Netscape, Camino, other Mozilla products, Playstation 3 & PSP)

Broker Website Effectiveness Report – Copyright WAV Group 2008 ht ...

Most Popular Areas of a Realtor Website

November 15th, 2008

What is the most popular page on a Realtor's website; Property search.

Property Search - 64.8%
Open Houses - 15.6%
Home Page - 12.2%
Other - 15.6%
Agents - 5.1%
About/Contact - 1.6%
Buyer/Seller Info - 0.2%

Where are you spending your time on your websiste? The WAV Group recommends when you are evaluating your site, do not overwork the community pages or the buyer and seller reso ...

Which Search Engine Creates the Most Traffic for A Realtor?

November 13th, 2008
19% of all broker website traffic is coming from search engines, but which search engine is generating the most traffic for Realtors?

Google - 66%
Yahoo - 18.9%
MSN/Live - 10.5%.
Other -  5.8% (AOL, Ask Jeeves, Altavista, CNN and other)

Broker Website Effectiveness Report – Copyright WAV Group 2008

Most Common Screen Resolution

November 8th, 2008
The most commonly used screen resoltuion is 1024 x 768.

800x600 - 5.8%
1024x768 - 49.7%
1152x864 - 3.1%
1280x800 - 10.8%
1280x1024 - 13%
1920x1200 1.4%
Other - 16.2%

If your website is optimized to a width resolution of 800 pixels, you are wasting a lot of the screen space available for the presentation of information. Map Search, large photos, and content all benefit when preview ...

Website Visitors by Day of week

November 6th, 2008
Monday and Tuesday are the two highest days; Saturday, the lowest, is followed by Sunday. Daily traffic is relatively flat across the week; the two slowest days still account for 25% of weekly traffic.

Sunday - 13.8%
Monday - 15.9%
Tuesday - 15.4%
Wednesday - 14.7%
Thursday - 14.7%
Friday - 14.4%
Saturday - 11.0%

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Visitors by Time of Day

November 5th, 2008
Consumers visit websites primarily during the “working” hours of 8 AM to 6 PM, which accounts for almost 2/3 of all traffic.

Since 26% of consumers are visiting between 6 pm and midnight, companies should consider having a lead distribution system that allows for inquiries to be addressed during those hours by agents.

Midnight to 8am - 11.4%
8am to 1pm - 32.6%
1pm to 6pm - 29.9%
6pm ...

Fortune 500 Logos

November 3rd, 2008
Check out my new web page which displays dozens of logos of Fortune 500 companies.

Ways That Visitors Get to Broker Websites

November 2nd, 2008
Yard signs, business cards, flyers, newspaper ads, magazine ads, television and all offline media play an important part in driving traffic to your website. Almost two-thirds of visitors come directly to your website.

Referring traffic relates to other websites that allow consumers to click through to your site. Referring traffic makes up on average 16.2% of all website traffic.

No Refe ...