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New Ubertor Website Client - Patrick O'Donnell

Patrick ODonnel Website 399We recently updated Patrick O'Donnell's Ubertor website to the new wider template which really enhanced the way his listings display. Patrick is a West Vancouver Realtor working in North Vancouver and parts of Vancouver too.

In addition to adding the flash banners we have been working on improving Patrick's search engine results. Content has been added, pagen names have been changed and we have updated all of the Page Titles and Page Descriptions.

We have optimized the pages for each listing so when someone just searches for an address his listing is more likely to be the first displayed. There is nothing worse than having the vendor search for their listing and your website is not on page 1.

Our final task has been providing keyword blog posts to improve search engine results.

Click the image or here to visit Patrick O'Donnell's website.