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New Ubertor Website for Timbavati Home

Timbavati Home Website We just launched this new website for Timbavati Home using the Ubertor platform.

Timbavati sells upscale home décor and furnishing including a wide range of slip-covered and upholstered sofas and chairs. They also feature a wide range of Canadian made wood furnishings for the living room, dining room and bedroom.

Their goal is to "provide our customers with affordable, unique, and upscale home décor and furnishings while offering expert design advice from our seasoned team."

Timbavati Home was moving from a storefront business to an online business and it was critical that the website would rank well in search results; it would be easy to navigate through all of the different models and display the products professionally so people could shop online.

Their previous website could not be found by search engines even when you typed in the actual company name. On the first day after this website launched it was not only on page 1 for the same search, but we noticed a search for solid wood coffee table made in canada and the website was on page 1 already!
Timbavati Home Upholstered & Slip Covered Page If a picture is worth a thousand words then this page has a million.

Using thumbnails we immediately capture the visitors attention and draw them into the website.

When they click on an image they see a page with more details like below and a side-menu ensures they can move easily from one collection to the next.
Timbavati Home Upholstered with menu Regular page with a sub-menu linking to all of the other upholstered collections. Keeps the customer on the website longer as they do not have to use the menu bar.