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New Website Optimization Service for Ubertor Websites

We are excited to introduce our new search engine optimization service for Ubertor websites. We have been optimizing Ubertor websites for the past few years, but only now have we formalized our service listing exactly what you can expect from us.

Our services go beyond simply adding Page Titles and Descriptions; we employ many different techniques that combine to dramatically improve your page rankings and are sustainable. We only use "white hat" techniques that organically improve your websites search engine rankings.

Generally clients start with an SEO Review and Analysis however, if you know your website has never been optimized it makes more sense to choose from our Good, Better or Best options.

These three levels of service range from the minimum you should do to give your website a chance to get to page one of a Google search (Good) through to a comprehensive program that ensures your website incorporates every measure known to improve search engine results and sustain them. (Best)

Check out our search engine optimization service for Ubertor websites by clicking here. Below is a summary of our services.


Customize Page Titles using keywords
Customize Page Descriptions using keywords
Add keywords to each page (Not used by Google; mainly for Bing)     
Add relevant Auto-Fill Categories AFCs (Ubertor) to add addresses and MLS numbers to your website
Submit sitemap to Bing Webmasters     
Modify all photo ALT tags to add keywords


Add keyword content to home page     
Add local content page (s) to improve search results     
Add keyword content to additional pages     
Expand current content on key pages to at least 300 words per page     
Add Call to Action on each page     
Optimize existing listings to improve rankings (vendors expect your website on page 1)


Add keyword blog posts     
Modify existing blog posts using keywords in title     


Change menu names to incorporate keywords     
Add internal links from home page to other pages to draw in search engines     
Add H1 Headings to website with keywords     
Integrate social media sites with website (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest)
Add Google Translate to website     
Add side menus where applicable for easier navigation and to draw search engines     


Link from     
Link from our marketing blog     
Link from our Pinterest site
Client blog post on for additional link back to your website
Submit business to Google Places     


Report on search engine results after 30 days with comparison to prior month