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Optimizing Your New Listings For Better Search Results

I just had my first Guest Blog post published on the Ubertor blog so I have excerpted it and added it to my own blog.

Your Ubertor website is a magnet for search engines, but there are a few things you can do when you add a listing that will "energize" it even more. If you can spare 30 seconds you can make a world of difference in how your listing gets found and displayed by search engines.

Here are 5 things you can do when you add a listing:

1) Always make sure you have the complete address, the complete neighbourhood and city. If youimport the listing from your MLS change the street name from CAPS to Sentence case and always add the neighbourhood so when people search for a home on the "Glenmore Heights" area your listing will be found.


2) Click on the SEO Address and Enhance it.
SEO Address Image

3) Click on the Enable for the Custom Page Title (the blue line on a Google search result) and add up to 64 characters that accurately describes the home with the most important details. Use keywords like "West Vancouver Home For Sale"

Custom Page Title  Image

4) Click on the Enable for the Custom Meta Description (the two black lines in a Google search result) and add up to 155 characters that "romance" the home with the most important details. Make it compelling.

Custom Meta Description Image

5) When you add a listing the website auto-blogs the listings. NO! Change the Auto-Blogged post to something more interesting for search engines i.e. Port Coquitlam Family Home For Sale.

Also add the same keywords to the body of the blog post.


The most important thing you can do is add the listing to your website before it goes live on your MLS and all of the IDX feeds and “scrapers” add it to their websites. Google will see the address on your website, typically rank you on page 1 and then all of the other websites should be below yours.

If you prefer to delegate listing optimization through our company Limelight Marketing we offer a Basic service which covers the above and 6 other steps including uploading photos and we have a Premium service which includes syndicating the listing, adding open houses and statistics you can provide your clients.

Or give us a call and we can take care of all of the details for you. 604-618-5512 or 800-568-8338.