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Ubertor SEO Website Optimization - Nick Swinburne

Nick Swinburne WebsiteNick Swinburne is a Realtor with Sutton Group in Whistler, BC and found it hard to get his website anywhere near page 1 of a Google search due to the competition.

Nick contacted us about optimizing his website and as it is an Ubertor website we were half way to the solution. We optimized all of the Page Titles and Descriptions, wrote keyword blog posts, optimized the page names and improved the content and internal links and now Nick's website is tracking perfectly to be on page 1 for almost any Whistler related real estate search.

An example of a keyword blog post can be found by clicking here. To rank well in search engine results your website has to be updated regularily and the content should contain the keywords people use to find your product or service. In this case we ensure all of the words people use to find real estate in Whsitler are in the blog posts and part of the optimization.

Please call us at 800-568-8338 if you are interested in getting your website to page 1. After all who ever went to page 2 to find an answer?