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Ubertor Website Remodel and Transformation - Kristen Meyer AFTER
Kristen Meyer New Website Kristen Meyer has been a client for a few
years and recently contacted us to update
her Ubertor website so it was more hip and modern looking; a website that better reflected her personality, market and clientele. Click the image or here to view.

Here is what we came up with. It is hard to believe it is an Ubertor website. Check out the Before look below. A completely new look with a stunning picture of Seattle. We are still tweaking it, but it gives you an idea of what we can do for your website.

It has a menu across the top and a menu below the banner that displays on every page so visitors can easily navigate to what they came to look at. It is like a call to action on every page.

We also display the Featured Properties across the bottom of the home page instead of on the left or right and can move them higher depending on our clients' preference.

Are you ready to update your Ubertor website and make it a Wowsite?

Give us a call at 604-618-5512 in Vancouver or 800-568-8338 anywhere in North America. Or email us at BEFORE
Kristen Meyer Old Website