Blogging is the number one method of attracting visitors to your website and the Ubertor blog is second to none in it's effectiveness with search engines. An Ubertor blog attracts search engines like bees to honey.

The secret to your blogging success is writing relevant, topical and quality content online on a regular schedule and using the words that people use to find a new home or Realtor in the area you specialize in. Blogging is a key compnent of your Search Engine Optimization (SEO).Blog Picture

For a Realtor this might include daily updates on new listings and sales in your market area and weekly and monthly market updates. You should also write about items of local interest and events in your community.

If you are like most Realtors or small business owners this is easier said than done. 

The Solution

Hire us as your "Guest Blogger".  We can ensure that your blog is updated with relevant content on a regular basis, on time and on budget every time.

After interviewing you and learning more about your business we will take the responsibility to update your blog as if it was our own. We will determine what the keywords are for your business or market area and we will write to ensure that the content has an appropriate keyword density.

Any post with an opinion or view will be emailed to you for review (if you prefer) and we will make one change to the post at no charge. All posts are original content or we own the copyright so you will never have to worry about plagiarism.

The Guarantee

We will have your website on page 1 of a Google search within 4 weeks
(for search terms to be agreed on)
or the next month is free.

The Investment

Our typical weekly rate is $ 50.00 for 2 posts and there is a 4 week minimum paid in advance by credit card. You can choose to renew from month to month. The type of post will depend on the nature of your business. You can also choose to purchase a detailed blog post related to your market area for $ 45.00 each. See the sample blog posts below.

There is a $ 50.00 initial set-up fee which includes the following (waived if you contract for 3 months):

  • Setting up and/or analyzing your Google Analytics (or other stat service)
  • Providing a report on your current visits and search terms.
  • Setting up the appropriate data for your situation.
  • Changes to your website content if required to maximize.
  • Activating the SEO Enhancement package on your Ubertor website (no charge for most users; exceptions apply)
  • Checking and updating your website Metatags, Keyword and Page Descriptions.

If you require original content specific to your industry (i.e. you are a manufacturer of Jet Boats) the rate may be slightly higher.

Sample Blog Posts

Check out some our blog posts for Realtors that will give you an idea of the depth of our research.
Greg Rowland - Victoria, BC and Gulf Islands
Lynda & Ray Proc - West Vancouver and North Vancouver, BC
Dan Jarvis - Realtor North Vancouver, BC
Rebecca McDiarmid - Realtor in Langley, Walnut Grove, Surrey, Cloverdale and Abbotsford areas.
Heather Baith - Realtor in Medina, OH
North Vancouver Condos For Sale - One stop resource for all condos for sale in North Vancouver


We will make every effort to report improvements in your search engine rankings, but it is difficult as Google and the other search engines track what you click on and then the next time you search for the same term it will display the last link you clicked on first. If you are checking your own rankings you might get skewed results. We wil try to provide an unbiased assessment of our results.

We will need access to your Google Analytics account so we can take a snapshot of your current visits are and provide a monthly report on improvements.


There are no guarantees because no one can predict what the search engines are thinking, but we have a proven track record on three blogs and can provide further proof on request that blogging is effective at driving people to your website.

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