Standard Templates

Before you can appreciate how much impact your new mobile template will have on viewers and why this is the best $ 99.00 you can spend on your mobile marketing you need to see a before and after.
Ubertor Mobile Website Before
Ubertor Mobile Website After
(Chrome Template)
The Crest Mobile

Winnie Pak Mobile

Below are samples of our Ubertor Mobile Website templates incorporating most of the color schemes offered by Ubertor. The one-time fee for creating, uploading and testing your new mobile website is only $99.00*. You own it forever.

All we need from you is your picture, your company logo (we have most on file) and the name, email address and phone number you would like displayed. We will also need your password for your Ubertor website. Simply email this to and you will be up and running usually within 48 hours. Or you can call us at 604-618-5512 in Vancouver or toll free 800-568-8338 or complete the order form by clicking here.

Dark-Aqua-Mobile.png Dark-Silver.png Dark-Green-Mobile.png

Dark Aqua

Dark Silver

Dark Green

Dark-Gold-Mobile.png Dark-Teal-Mobile.png ReMax-Dark-Red-Mobile.png

Dark Gold

Dark Teal

Glossy Dark Red

Dark-Red.png Dark-Purple-Mobile.png Dark-Orange-Mobile.png

Dark Red

Dark Purple

Dark Orange

Light-Purpler-Mobile.png Light-Red-Mobile.png Light-Blue-Mobile.png

Light Purple

Light Red

Light Blue

Light-Orange-Mobile.png ReMax-Light-Red.png Light-Teal-Mobile.png

Blue and Gold

Glossy Light Red

Light Teal

Light-Gold-Mobile.png Light-Green-Mobile.png Dark-Blue-Mobile.png

Light Gold

Light Green

Dark Blue

Julie-smith-sample-mobile gold and blue John-Doe-chrome-mobile Julie-Smith-royal-red-mobil

Blue and Gold


Red and Gold

*Plus applicable taxes.