Top 12 Ubertor Website Upgrades

Here are 12 great enhancements and upgrades to update your website and attract more visitors. The number of stars (***) is a guideline as to the cost of the service. Please call me at 800-568-8338 or 604-618-5512 if you are interested in any of these upgrades or send me an email with your url to

  1. Update to a new modern looking, easier to navigate, full screen template like this one you are looking at. Check out our latest semi-custom and custom designs on our page on Pinterest. *****

  2. Add the Featured Listings widget to the home page. This is a $ 295.00 value that I can offer as part of my basic package.*

  3. Activate the Active Listings Map (Click here) This is a great way for people to pinpoint where your listings are.*

  4. Add a Twitter Widget to the home page (Click here and look on the right) If you are not on Twitter I can explain the pros and cons help you sign up if you are interested.*

  5. Add the SEO package for anyone at the $ 55.00 or $ 77.00 level (no charge for the $495.00 option, but there is a fee to optimize your website) This allows you to customize the page title with a keyword phrase and a unique title for each page which appears as a more compelling sentence in the blue link on Google. You can also set your meta keywords, meta description (shows in Google as black text) and page description which is used for the site map. ****

  6. Add flash banners Click here for a good commercial application of flash banners or go to my website to see samples of exciting new banners you can add to your website. If you are upgrading from an old style Ubertor website we can add new banners or upgrade your existing ones. Click here for a few samples. **

  7. Add custom Status and Badges (Click here and see examples of custom badges. There is a Badge and Banner Demolimit to the number of characters, but the font color and background can be customized. *

  8. Add a custom tab to your listings to highlight features or important information (Click here for a Special Features sample complete with photos) *

  9. Update your home page with search engine friendly content with outbound links. My home page is an example of one that is informative, is sprinkled with keywords and has links to other websites; all things that search engines look for. You need to write about yourself, the areas you work on, the types of homes  inthe area and anything else related to real estate. This is what the search engines look for.*

  10. Start blogging with relevant content to attract buyers and sellers. Don't believe me? Type a search on Google with the words "Ambleside open house" and I bet at least 9 out of the 10 results will lead back to an Ubertor blog. Ubertor blogs are MAGNETS for search engines and if you do not have the time or inclination and want to improve your search engine rankings then you can hire us. We have a number of "ghost blogging" options available that will get results.Check out our 36 / 90 Blogging Program to get your website to page 1 in 90 days or our Guest Blogging Service *

  11. Add photographs to your website. By adding photographs with descriptive "alt tags" your website will be more interesting and the description gets indexed by search engines for image searches. If someone is looking for an image of your city they might be planning to move there! We have a library of pictures that we can use on your website or we can locate the right ones for you. ***

  12. Add relevant content that search engines can index and will result in the right people finding your website. If you are stumped then let us do it for you. Typically we can add a page of content for as little as $ 45.00 per page. Examples are Important Community Numbers, Top 10 Lists for Buyers, Schedule of Events for your area, Community Information (with lots of outbound links), Checklists etc***

  13. Add a Favicon which is the little picture at the left of your url at the top of you browser where the url is displayed. You can see my trademark Glass Half Full at the top of this webpage.*

       *  $  0.00 to $ 50.00

     **  $ 50.00 to $ 100.00

   ***  $ 100.00 to $ 150.00

 ****  $ 150.00 to $ 225.00

***** $ 225.00 or more