What is SEO?

Search engine optimization or SEO is the art and science of "organically" improving the ranking of a website in search engine results. Organic optimization is the key to working within the guidelines of the major search engines to ensure your website adheres to the rules of the latest search engine algorithms. While no one knows exactly what the algorithm looks for, from experience we know what is most effective and what not to do.

You may have been approached by SEO experts guaranteeing a page 1 result, but this claim is just not possible or everyone would be on page 1. Generally they employ "black hat" techniques such as irrelevant backlinks and posting press releases on directory websites that can sometimes move your rankings temporarily, but it is not sustainable..

What is our SEO approach?

  1. We analyze your current on-page content for keywords.
  2. We analyze your competition's websites.
  3. We analyze your current results in Google Analytics.
  4. We analyze your Google Webmasters sitemap indexing.
  5. We analyze the keyword search terms for your business, area or service.
  6. We analyze your Page Titles and Descriptions and alt image tags. 

Then based on your unique needs we provide an SEO proposal and an estimate of the time to accomplish your goals.

What special techniques do we employ?

If you have an Ubertor website then the best tool you have for SEO is your blog. To maximize your search engine exposure we re-write some of your existing blog posts and add new keyword blog posts.

If you are a Realtor we optimize your existing listings to improve their rankings and show you how to optimize them in the future yourself.

We also link back from this website which is a credible backlink and improves your rankings.

How much do we charge for SEO Optimization?

Our hourly rate for SEO is $ 95.00, but what you see before we start is a fixed price to accomplish your objectives and it does not always relate back to the hourly rate. Through experience gained from working with dozens of clients and to ensure we make an impact on your page rankings your starting budget should be in the $ 300.00 range with the high end at around $ 750.00. The range depends mostly on the number of blog posts we write and the duration of the blogging project.

Once we are in agreement with your goals, our strategy to achieve them and the fixed price we ask for a 50% deposit with the balance due on completion.

What happens after the project is complete?

Good question. Ideally we will continue to work with you on a hourly basis to maintain your success. We are available to monitor and analyze your on-going results and we offer Guest Blogging services to maintain your page rankings. Read more about Guest Blogging by clicking here.

Here is a great video by Matt Cutts of Google about how Google's ranking and website evaluation process works.